10:00 AM EST
CAD Overnight Rate – Interest rate at which banks lend to each other.

This is usually at 9:00, but Forex Factory has it listed at 10:00, so I presume this is correct. Maybe it is taking an extra hour for the messenger to snowmobile his way to the lockup to deliver the data.

In any case, all 22 economists say it will remain at 1.00%. It is extremely likely it will. There is another release, the CAD Ivey PMI, that is at the same time. This should have little to no impact on the rate statement, though it might cause a bit more volatility before and during the first few seconds of the release.

There is a statement at the same time. You can trade the release or the statement. Set buy/sellPips to 10 or 12, or maybe more if you are trading the release. If it hits, it will spike at least 60 pips.

ORACLE TRADER – Set safe to .25 and trade full lots.

STRADDLE V1.3 – Set maxSpread to maybe 7 or 8. Get out fast right after the posted time if you are not live and trading the release.

STRADDLE PRO – Set triggers to .25. If you are trading the release, check the box, otherwise don’t.