7:30 PM EST
AUD Retail Sales – Change in the total value of sales at the retail level

In December it came out at -.4 and .4 with a 12 pip spike, small retracement, and continuation to 28 pips in 20 minutes. Decent move for a small deviation.

In January it came out at -.4 and -.2 with a 15 pip spike, retracement of 4 or 5, and continuation to 30 in 12 minutes before retracing all the way back.

In February we saw -.5 and -.2 with a 22 pip spike, slight retracement, and continuation to 40 pips in 30 minutes. The data for this came out 2 seconds after the posted time.

Looks like if we see a deviation of .4 or greater we typically see a decent move that lasts awhile. I will likely turn off setMinStop (set it to n).

I have a new version of the Straddle which will, among other things, deal a lot better with the removal of the setMinStop, stopToZero (which I have been playing with lately), and the management of the stop lines. It is version 2.37.1. I will make some release notes and get this up for anyone who wants it. The release notes will detail the small changes that were made in 2.36.6, .7, .8, and .9 also.

Not sure when it will be on the Forex Traders Daily site at the moment, but if you let me know, I can get you a copy.

Keep in mind this will probably come out between 1 and 3 seconds after the posted time. Watch for pre-news spikes as always and click out if you see spikes of 10 or more pips before your pending trades go in.

ORACLE TRADER – set medium to .5 and safe to .8. Trade 1/2 your normal lots on a medium and full lots on a safe.

STRADDLE V1.3 – set maxSpread to 6. It is likely you will go live within a couple seconds, but if you are still not live by 3 or 4 seconds after the posted time, get out.

STRADDLE PRO – set the triggers to .3 and check the row 1 box. With the new version, I will set setMinStop to n, stopToZero to 0, stopLoss to 0.0, and OCO to n. I might even try the Take Profit levels. If you do not have the new version, just leave these settings at their defaults. Use trade management.

10:30 PM EST
AUD Cash Rate – Interest rate for overnight money market deposits.

Out of 29 economists that weighed in, 27 think it will stay at the prior 3.00% and 2 think it will drop to 2.75%. So there is not much hope of making anything if there is no change.

If it does change by .25%, you will be debating between acquiring a nice 3 bedroom pagoda in Fiji or a townhouse on the water in Monaco. But don’t start your property search till after the trade, as this is very unlikely.

There is a statement at the same time, which is more likely to cause movement than the news event. If you are trading the statement, you want to leave your trades in for 30 seconds to a minute to see if what is being said has any impact. It is not unusual that there is some movement related to this.

I would set buy/sellPips to at least 10.

ORACLE TRADER – set safe to .25 and trade full lots.

STRADDLE V1.3 – set maxSpread to 6 or 7. Get out whenever you are uncomfortable being in any longer.

STRADDLE PRO – set the triggers to .25. If you are trading the news, check the box, otherwise do not.