4:28 AM EST
UK Services PMI – Level of diffusion index based on surveyed purchasing managers in the services industry

Well, this hasn’t been the greatest performer over the last year or so. We only had a couple months where the deviation was over 2, and even then not a ton of movement. It does tend to move at least 20 or 30 pips over the first minute or two with a good deviation, so lets hope for that.

ORACLE TRADER – Can’t trade it. No data.

STRADDLE V1.3 – Set maxSpread to 6 and get out if you don’t go live right after the 4:28 time.

STRADDLE PRO – You can set the trigger to 2.5 if you want but checking the box is of no value since the data will not show up for a minute or two. You might want to set timeToLive to 2 or 3. If I was going to get up for this, I would turn off setMinStop (set it to n) and stopToZero (set it to 0). This works better with the new version.

7:30 PM EST
AUD GDP q/q – Change in the value of all goods and services produced by the economy.

This can be a good trade if we see a decent deviation. Back in June we saw .7 and 1 with a 40 pip spike, small retracement, and continuation to 75 pips in 20 minutes.

In September we saw .1 and 0 with a delayed 20 pip spike. But the deviation was so small that we got taken out before the spike.

In December we saw -.1 and 0 with just a couple pips of movement. Most were taken out before anything went live.

The data is usually 2 or 3 seconds late on these releases. As long as you are not seeing too much jumpiness just prior to the release, this is OK.

ORACLE TRADER – set medium to .3 and safe to .5. Trade 1/2 your normal lots on a medium and full lots on a safe.

STRADDLE V1.3 – set maxSpread to 7. Get out if you are not live by 3 or 4 seconds after the release.

STRADDLE PRO – set triggers to .3 and check the box. I will turn off setMinStop and stopToZero, and will probably set OCO to n. Only do this if you have the new version. I will try the Take Profit levels also.