Hello Everyone,  once in a while something new comes along and revolutionizes the way people trade Forex. I believe this is one of those tools and the best part is this is not something you have to pay for. Its available to everyone at no charge from World Pro Fx which is a huge plus. Take a quick look, I think you are going to be super excited to give this a shot once you see how much easier this can make your Forex trading or any trading for that matter.

This awesome tool allows you to see the trades and analyse all of the traders at your firm. It even gives you the top traders in a list as well as a trader spotlight all of which can be clicked to open a new screen allowing you to analyze their trade stats such as P&L, draw down,  trades taken, and a number of other key pieces of information. The best thing is, once you have found a trader that you like you can simply click a button to enter the same trades he or she is entering. Its like having a signal service from every successful trader at your broker except you don’t have to pay for it and these are every day traders not marketers selling your a product.

The second thing that excites me about this platform is that when you use it it also tracks your stats providing you with valuable incite into your own trading. This will allow you to target strengths and weaknesses within your own strategies.  In this video I demonstrate some of the features and in doing so I identify an issue in my own trading.  So take a look and see how it brought to light a major problem with my own strategy allowing me to make  some minor adjustment that saved me a fortune.

For best viewing double click the video to watch full screen and select 1080p in the lower right hand corner.


The website for World Pro Fx is www.worldprofx.com and you can test it out there.