A few Forex trading tips for your consideration

In a recent survey of about 25,000 Forex traders, who have been involved in this lucrative market for quite some time, some interesting facts came to the surface. It was found that more than  95% of these traders have been constantly losing money on their transactions. To make matters worse, they try to jump from one Forex system to another in an attempt to trade on their gut feelings or they follow some intricate tactic that is not needed. There are a meager 4% of people who consistently make steady profits each day. For them, the days of losses are near to none.

The key to their success lies in following some disciplined tips, keeping their emotions out of it.. These are the few people who sleep well at night, and know that tomorrow will be as profitable as today. A happy life and long vacations are their reality. So, how do you get yourself in this category of traders?

A Few Handy Forex Trading Tips

It is not impossible to join the league of successful traders – the winners’ club. All you need to do is

Derek Frey's Weekly Forex Outlook

Happy NEW YEAR!  I have to start off by saying how excited I am about 2011.  The first day of the year was 1/1/11 which I find to be very fitting for new beginnings.  I know I have personally committed myself to making not only this next year an incredible one, but the next decade and beyond!

I will continue to post my outlook for the Forex Majors each week here at Forextradersdaily.com.  I sincerely appreciate feedback and or questions about any of my posts so please do not be shy.

The first week of the New Year is starting out a bit slowly which is to be expected.  It will be Wednesday before we see the markets back to “normal” levels of liquidity.  Look for the markets to begin to start to