Top 5 Forex Trading Books

If you are thinking of venturing into the Forex market, the best way to learn to trade is to read some relevant books. You get all kinds of subjects covered in Forex trading books. This article will review the top five best-selling Forex trading books to date. All five are highly recommended by expert traders, who have made fortunes in this business.

Forex Trading Using Inter-market Analysis

This book explains the general dynamics of the exchange market, which is considered to be the world’s largest and the most widely traded financial market. It also provides information on the application of inter-market analysis to the Forex market. This book equips you with the knowledge that will help you understand and anticipate the changes in the trends and directions, and take actions accordingly. You will learn the influences that other markets have on the Forex market. It also lays emphasis on how all the various financial markets have become interconnected, and how they affect each other in today’s global economy.

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Day Trading the Currency Market


This book has the distinction of having been recommended by few of the top most traders of the Forex market. It is known for its

Forex signals: The beacon of light for your valuable investments

If you know about the forex market, you might already know that it is a $3 trillion trading market worldwide and an institution which never sleeps. This is true because forex trading and exchange rates are determined 24 hours a day (with the exception of weekends), and also the fact that exchange rates are determined by a number of other economic and social factors, apart from pure demand and supply elements. This, my friend, is the dynamics of the real forex market of today.

So now you’re interested to be a part of this appealing business, aren’t you? Well everyone really is, but only some know how tough and competitive this market is. If you ask me, there are simply two ways of becoming a thriving and profitable forex trader:

Forex Trading Times – The Market Never Sleeps

No exaggeration meant; the Forex trading market actually never sleeps. It is a 24 hour market, and the currencies can be traded at any and every time. However, it would not be wrong to say that there are certain times during the day, which are better to trade the Forex. Timing indeed is crucial in the Forex market, as selecting the best time for currency trading is a good way to maximize potential profits from each trade. It is one secret that expert traders are well aware of!

Identify the Power Hours

Trust me; these power hours are no different from a power house that could light the entire place.

The Best Forex Trading techniques for Beginners

For anyone who is just starting forex trading, it is important that he or she conducts adequate research  prior to entering the market. It is a known fact that there are no rights or wrongs in the forex market, hence one cannot boast about mastering the best Forex trading techniques. A beginner needs to develop his own unique strategy to approach trading dynamics in the market. This approach should be in synchronization with your Forex trading behavior and your personality. It is also safe to say that the best forex trading techniques are developed over time with experience, as a trader does not learn about the ups and downs of this business unless he is a part of it. But there are a few things that new Forex traders should know which are being highlighted in this article.

Macroeconomic overview

Researching about the macroeconomic trends of the country helps a great deal in developing a good Forex

A few Forex trading tips for your consideration

In a recent survey of about 25,000 Forex traders, who have been involved in this lucrative market for quite some time, some interesting facts came to the surface. It was found that more than  95% of these traders have been constantly losing money on their transactions. To make matters worse, they try to jump from one Forex system to another in an attempt to trade on their gut feelings or they follow some intricate tactic that is not needed. There are a meager 4% of people who consistently make steady profits each day. For them, the days of losses are near to none.

The key to their success lies in following some disciplined tips, keeping their emotions out of it.. These are the few people who sleep well at night, and know that tomorrow will be as profitable as today. A happy life and long vacations are their reality. So, how do you get yourself in this category of traders?

A Few Handy Forex Trading Tips

It is not impossible to join the league of successful traders – the winners’ club. All you need to do is